Acetic Acid

Acetic Acid made by fermentation of biological material. This method produces 10% of the total world production. Most of the general industries is using it made by methanol calbonylation. 40~45% of Acetic Acid is base material of Vinyl Acetate Monomer for making Paint and Adhesion Bond. The secondly used for Acetic Acid Anhydride which is strong Acetylating Reagent. It is base material of Acetylcellulose use to Photograph Film and Synthetic Fabric. And also use to the synthesis for Aspirin and Heroin.

œ Solution by IVT
Aceti Acid is colorless liquid under normal temperature, irritating to the nose and high corrosive. IVT can provide most suitable design with Zirconium or Hastelloy valves to custom-build for these fluids.

¡ IVT Product Range

ValveANSI ClassSizeSeat
Ball150#~600#1/2"~10"PTFE / R-PTFE
/ PEEK / Metal
Zirconium 702 / 705
Hastelloy B2 / B3 A494 N-7M
Hastelloy C276 A494 CW12MW
Lift / Swing