Nickel Mining

Nickel is base material of corrosion inhibitor and resistant such as Stainless Steel and Inconel. In recent years, it was estimated the boom for architectural material and plant equipment would increasedemand for nickel rapidly. Nickel Mining has major two type of method, one HPAL(High Pressure Acid Leach) method which is collecting Nickel cobalt from low-quality Nickel mineral, and the other SMELTING method which is collecting Nickel cobalt from high-quality Nickel mineral. IVT products are mainly used in HPAL method. The fluid condition is very crucial due to high pressure, slurry and also strong sulfuric acid. The valve used by these mines have special specifications and requiremements.

œ Solution by IVT
It is a severe condition for the valve to be under constant high pressure and moreover slurry is high speed, so frequent maintainence is thus necessary. IVT's metal seated ball valves with its thickness, stem diameter and ball shape are specially designed to help prolong the life and provide easy maintenance of the valves used for nickel mining.

¡ IVT Product Range

ValveANSI ClassSizeSeat
Ball150#~1500#1/2"~16"MetalB381 F12
A182 F51
F304 / F304L
F316 / F316L