Coal Gasification

Coal Gasification is new technology on the special process of the extraction of Syngas (Synthetic Gas) from Coal. Syngas is raw material of Methanol, Hydrogen, Polypropylene, Urea and Acetic Acid. It is produced from burning Powder Coal with Oxygen under high temperature. IGCC (Intergrated Gasification Combined Cycle) is a new technology of power generation system applied with Coal Gasification technology. In recent years, this procedure has attracted attention due to the high level of combustion efficiency and the power generating efficiency, and also can be achieve low emmission of the carbon dioxide compared with general coal power generation system. Moreover, developing new technology such as CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) which can achived zero-emission in effect combined with IGCC. It follows that the power generation system by IGCC+CCS has increased rapidly globally.

œ Solution by IVT
Regardless of whether the coal is in powdered form, the switching valve utilised by the silo which injects powdered coal into the gasifier (via the Lock-Hopper system) must be equipped with the ability to shut down under high pressure. Due to the perfect roundness of the ball and the scrapper shape of the metal seats of the ball valve, both stable performance and the aforementioned ability to shut down may co-exist. Moreover, the ball valve which is used on Oxygen service is applied with high level water & oil free from our clean room facility under high quality control. It also has longer life from perfect roundness of the ball and special hard facing technology.

¡ IVT Product Range

Sub CategoryValveANSI ClassSizeSeat
Coal Powder
(Wear Resistance)
Ball600#~900#1B~24BMetalA351-CF3 / A182 F304L
A351-CF3M / A182 F316L
A890 Gr.4A / A182 F51
OxygenBall600#~1500#1B~14BMetalA494 CY40 / Inconel600
A494 CW12MW / Inconel625
A494 CU5MCuC / Incoloy825
A351 CF3M / A182 F316L