Urea is very important material as it is the first organic compound synthesized from inorganic compound, starting the development of organic chemistry. A lot of Urea is used as Fertlizer and Moisturizing Emulsion. The major three-element of Fertilizer is Nitrogen, Phosphoric Acid and Kalium. Urea is used for nitrogen-release fertilizer. In past years Ammonium Sulfate is used to supply nitrogen in the fertilizer. In recent years neutral Urea Fertilizer become mainstream, due to Ammonium Sulfate mutates soil to acidic property. Also, Urea basis Moisturizing Emulsion has effective buff skin not only keep moisture in. Moreover, Urea is important for raw material of Plastics industry. Urea resin is made from mixed Urea and Formaldehyde, in addition It is widely used for Wood Adhesive. Urea manufacturing plants use many High pressure Block Valve and Angle valve.

œ Solution by IVT
We are using 316 Modified SS solid block which is developed in co-operation with our material vendor for the valve body and the trim. These are stable performing with longer life in the many Urea plants around the globe. We can provide the best offer for a variety of customer requirements, for a wide range fluid condition in other materials.

¡ IVT Product Range

ValveANSI ClassSizeSeat
(Block Type)
F310 ELC
(Block Type)
Straight /
Angle Check
(Block Type)